Postdoctoral Basic Research Fellowship FAQs

What is the deadline date?
Complete applications must be submitted by midnight EST on January 15. In the event that January 15 falls on a weekend or a holiday, the deadline is the next working day.

When do fellowships start?
Fellowships generally begin in May or June of the application year and run for 12 months. The exact start date depends on how long the grantee institution takes to obtain necessary institutional signatures agreeing to stipulations in the award letter and return the signed copy of the letter to the foundation.

Are institutions required to be in the U.S.?
Any nonprofit research institution, such as a university or medical research center, may apply. All institutions are required to submit proof of nonprofit status.

Must I be a U.S. citizen in order to apply?
Applicants do not need to be citizens of the United States.

How should the external letters of support be submitted to the foundation?
The online application has designated spaces in which you must enter the email addresses of your chosen reviewers (2), reference (1), and sponsor/mentor (1). When you enter the email addresses and send an email using the “Compose Email” function, the system will automatically generate a separate email to those individuals with instructions for uploading their reviews.

Please note that this will not give them access to your application materials. It is your responsibility to send reviewers any materials that you wish them to review, and to allow sufficient time for reviewers and references to upload their letters. Applications that are missing any of the required letters will not be accepted.

May I submit any part of my application by mail or email?
No. All materials must be submitted through the online application system.

May our institution sponsor more than one applicant per year?
Yes.  However, only one applicant per sponsor/mentor may apply.

Must I have my doctorate in hand before I can apply?
No, but you must be in your final year of doctoral study and must expect to receive your degree in the year that you apply. The trustees will not hold an award open for an extended period while you complete your studies. If your project is awarded a fellowship, you must submit evidence of having been awarded the doctorate before the fellowship can begin.

How is my application reviewed?
All applications are read by a confidential scientific review committee that makes funding recommendations to the foundation’s trustees. The committee is comprised of tenured university researchers, and the review process is modeled on NIH procedures.

When will I hear whether my application has been funded?
Applications are sent to the members of the scientific review committee by the end of January after having been entered into our database and prepared for review. The trustees receive the committee’s recommendations for ratification at their spring meeting, which is in March or April. Applicants are notified promptly of the trustees’ decision, by mid-April.