Application Instructions

The 2018 application deadline is midnight EST on Monday, January 15, 2018. The online registration portal is now open.

Click here to access the Lalor Foundation Fellowship Online Registration Instructions

After you have completed your online registration, enter the Access Code (fellow) and proceed to the application. The application should be filled out completely and submitted with the appendices described below (appendices are available for download within the application). The proposed fellow is responsible for seeing that the completed application and all supporting information is RECEIVED by the foundation not later than midnight eastern standard time on January 15.

PLEASE NOTE:  The entire fellowship application is now online. Please do not send any part of your application by mail. All materials must be submitted through the online application.

Renewal Applications: Fellowship renewals are not automatic; renewal applications are reviewed along with the pool of new applicants. Renewal applicants must submit a new application online.




Appendix A – Project Narrative (5 pages only including figures and references)
Appendix A is available for download within the online application.

The plan of work for the project should concisely describe the present state of knowledge regarding the problem, the scope, specific objectives and importance of the work which will be accomplished during the period.

Please outline in what fashion this research can potentially be applied to the regulation of human fertility or to a method of birth control. This information may be helpful in making a choice between applications which are equally attractive from a purely scientific point of view.

Renewal applicants: This should be a progress report on the project thus far and a narrative description of the work planned for a second year, not exceeding five pages including figures and references.


Appendix B – Letters of Support
The Lalor Foundation requires four letters of support: two independent expert reviews, one letter of reference, and one letter of support from the proposed sponsor/mentor.

In the online application you will be asked to enter the email addresses of the four individuals from whom you have requested letters of support.  Once you enter a reviewer’s email address, send them an email using the “Compose Email” function to trigger an automatic email from the foundation with instructions for submitting their confidential letters.

NOTEReviewers will not have access to your online application. You are responsible for providing the relevant information and materials to each individual.

  • Independent Expert Reviews (2): These reviewers should be experts in the field who do not know the applicant personally. They should state their own qualifications to perform the review, comment on the proposal’s scientific merit, and give their opinion of the ability of the lab to supervise and support the project. Representatives of any institutional unit that stands to receive financial benefit from a fellowship are not considered to be independent reviewers. Reviewers from outside the applicant’s institution are preferred. NOTE: These letters are not required of renewal applicants.
  • Reference: The applicant should solicit one letter of reference from someone who knows the applicant’s work and can comment on the applicant’s abilities as a researcher. This should not be the person who will be the mentor/sponsor on the project but someone like a dissertation advisor or committee member. Representatives of any institutional unit that stands to receive financial benefit from a fellowship are not considered to be appropriate references. NOTE: This letter is not required for renewal applicants.
  • Sponsor/mentor letter of support: This letter should outline, in layman’s terms, the relevance/importance of the project to the Lalor Foundation’s focus; the training/experiences during the project that will assist the fellow to apply successfully for continuing funding and to progress toward independence; and the ability of the fellow to carry out the proposed project. If there will be more than one sponsor/mentor, they should collaborate to produce one letter of support, signed by both, and they should outline how they will coordinate supervision of the applicant’s progress. Joint sponsorships may occur but are not usual.

All letters of support should include the NIH Biographical Sketch of the person writing the review.

Letters of support must be submitted by the application deadline. Proposals are not complete without these letters. Please plan ahead.


Appendix C – Institutional Representation
This appendix is the final part of the online registration materials and sets forth information concerning the institution’s eligibility to receive grants under U.S. tax laws and approvals of the project by reviewing bodies. Please print Appendix C, obtain appropriate signatures, and include with the application materials.

Appendix C is available for download within the online application.


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