Fellowship Guidelines

The Lalor Foundation postdoctoral fellowship program supports promising new researchers in establishing scientific and teaching careers. The mission of the program is to support these researchers early in their work so that they can become independently funded in the field of mammalian reproductive biology as related to the regulation of fertility.


Eligibility of Institutions and Individuals

U.S. institutions must be exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and must submit a determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service stating that it is “not a private foundation.”

Any nonprofit research institution, such as a university or medical research center, may apply. If the institution is not located in the United States and has not been classified by the Internal Revenue Service, applicants must submit proof of the institution’s nonprofit status.

The individual nominated by the applicant institution for the postdoctoral fellowship for conduct of the work may be a citizen of any country. The individual should have training and experience at least equal to the Ph.D. or M.D. level and should not have a faculty appointment (i.e., instructor, lecturer or higher). Potential fellows should not have held the doctoral degree more than two years from receipt of the degree.

The applicant institution may make its nomination of a fellow from among its own personnel or elsewhere, but qualifications being equal, candidates from other than the proposing institution itself may carry modest preference. The application must name the institution’s nominee for fellowship and include his or her performance record. Only one application per laboratory/sponsor will be considered.


Financial Data

Fellowships are $50,000 per year for coverage of fellowship stipend, fringes and institutional overhead.  Other expenses are not allowed.  Institutional overhead may not exceed 10 percent of the total fellowship award. Renewal for one additional year is possible under special circumstances. Please see specific renewal guidelines.


Please contact fellowshipmanager@gmafoundations.com with any questions.